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Dyes for Synthetic Fabric and Fibres

Jacquard iDye Poly Sachet
Jacquard iDye Poly Sachet

Jacquard iDye Poly Sachet


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Polyester is notoriously hard to dye, but with iDye Poly it is easy. iDye comes in a packet that dissolves in water, so no handling of dye powders.

You can use iDye to dye Polyester or Nylon in your washing machine, but best results will come from using it in a saucepan (one kept just for dyeing).

iDye comes in 14g packets that will dye 1-1.3kg of fabric.

(If you wish to dye a blend fabric e.g. Poly Cotton you will need a sachet of iDye and a sachet of iDye Poly.)

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