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Ternes Burton Registration Stripping Tabs
Ternes Burton Registration Stripping TabsTernes Burton Registration Stripping Tabs

Ternes Burton Registration Stripping Tabs


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Ternes Burton Registration Stripping Tabs

Available in a pack of 100 (approx) @ £4.90

or a pack of 20 (approx) @ £1.50

To be used with Ternes Burton Registration Pins.

Ternes Burton registration pins and tabs align layers of material accurately to help you achieve the tight registration you require for lino reductions and other block printing, enabling tight registration on complicated multicolour projects. 

Secure your pins down to a piece of board using parcel tape, depressing the tape into the holes. Position your lino onto your board with double-sided tape. Work out where to position your paper on top of the lino. Clip two of the plastic stripping tabs (sold separately) over the pins. Use masking tape to fix these to the top of your paper. Repeat for each piece of paper in your edition. Each time a print is made, your paper can be slipped onto the pins using the tabs, keeping it in the same position each time.

Read our blog post showing how to use Ternes Burton Pins and Tabs here. 

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