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Registering Screen Printed Layers on Fabric Without a Registration Table

Thursday, February 13, 2014

You will need:

  • Mount board cut into an ‘L’ shape right angle
  • A plastic sheet such as table covering with a true right angle on the bottom left-hand corner. It is useful to put some coloured tape on this corner to make it more rigid and easier to see

Line up the bottom left-hand corner of the plastic sheet with the inside edge of the mount board right angle. If you are using a paper stencil, place the stencil in position on top of the plastic.

Align the screen with the inside edge of the mount board right angle.

Print the image onto the plastic sheet.

Remove screen and check alignment. If you are not happy, realign the film and the mount board right angle.

Remove the plastic sheet but keep the mount board right angle in the same position. Align your screen with the mount board right angle and print.

The image is now printed onto the fabric in the correct position.

Align the next print on top of the next image and position the mount board right angle at the bottom left-hand corner. Use the mount board corner to align the screen.

Continue until the fabric is printed. This method is really low tech and you have lots of flexibility with rotation, positioning etc.

The film can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

To download the instructions please click here!

Here’s one we made earlier!

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